It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Vicky Scott

    Such pretty photos, I am appreciating it all sooooo much. Would so love to know where you purchased the fabric or cushions, you have shared on the sofa, they are just so beautiful!!!!

  2. janetlea62

    Thank you Vicky! I bought the fabric at various places locally and had the pillow covers made. Unfortunately one of the stores has closed and the other no longer sells florals like that. I have asked them to please keep an eye out for me.

  3. Suzan

    What magnificent images – makes me almost welcome Fall !
    I’m fighting it tooth and nail ( I live in Montreal – where the memory of last winter has scarred me LOL )

    • janetlea62

      Suzan ~ I don’t blame you one bit. I am looking for that magical place that has cool summer and mild winters! We have horribly hot humid summers but usually winters are mild here. I guess it’s a trade off no matter where you live. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Sylvia FAye

    Having been raised in Virginia and now living in the great Northwest…Canada, eh? I used to always go home to my parents in the fall and spend three weeks visiting in Virginia, Tenn., N.C. and sometimes South Carolina. I still miss the South in the fall.

    Your pictures remind me of some of my uncles who had farms in N.C. Such beauty on your post today.
    With a grateful heart,

    • janetlea62

      Such sweet comments Sylvia. I have lived in Tennessee and South Carolina as well. Although I really only remember Tennessee. It is just beautiful in the fall. We never know if we are going to get fall colors down here or if the leaves are going to just turn brown and fall off.

      Thank you so much for commenting.


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