It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Fonda Rush

    Why are you so dissatisfied with the arrangement of your furniture? I like the picture with the sofa slightly askance, but the other photos are fine, too.

    • janetlea62

      Thanks for asking, Diane. If you will click at the top I have a drop down menu that shows all my posts. However I do have two blogs and they are twins! I am justjanblog.com OR justjanblog.blogspot.com I hope this helps!

  2. heidi

    Love your colors and furniture. Is the room large enough to center the couches back to back mid room, one floor rug in front of each and chair(s) facing couch for conversation areas:-) just a thought

  3. debby messner

    I love the colors you are using and the florals. I have no ideas as they all look good. One concern on the first picture after the Christmas shot, how do you get in the door. Also do you live in a house or a condo. Only asking because we are looking at condos.
    Anyhow, your living space is very warm and cozy.

  4. janetlea62

    Thanks Debby! Ha! ha! Yes it does look like it’s a challenge in some of the shots to actually walk in the door! But normally I don’t pull the sofa out away from the wall so far when there’s no Christmas tree. It is a little tight between the sofa and the chair but we seldom use the front door. We all come through our carport door so it isn’t a problem. We do live in a house. Thanks so much for commenting!


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