It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Sandi Magle

    I’m a comfort freak—if half the pillows are shoved up on the end of the sofa, there are too many. If you use them, or tuck them up on your lap because they feel good, I keep them. Fussy—hand crafted pillows, end up on the chair no one sits on.

    And periodically I redo them, add, subtract and tweak—YOUR pillows are gorgeous, and ooze comfort. Thanks for the pictorial hint to fluff mine, lol, Sandi

    • janetlea62

      Thanks Sandi! I have to admit that sometimes I do use the fussy ones but it helps keep the furry children off the sofa. They usually know if there’s pillows they aren’t supposed to be on there.

  2. Sandi

    No matter the season, your sofa always looks cozy. I adore all your florals. It is difficult to find such beautiful fabrics here unless one orders them through the fabric shop. When we down-size, I’m going to go all out with pillows and florals. I love your cozy style.

  3. thewhimsicallady

    I think I’m still trying to find my style, so right now… I have a lot of cutesy pillows, and solids, but I love your florals.I adore aubusson pillows (but I can’t afford them right now.) Honestly, pillows are something that I’ve just started to get into. I DON’T like the pillows with the geometric patterns, and mid-century modern design. I’m starting to lean towards English Country, mixed with whimsy and Pottery Barn, lol. Your home is so warm and cozy and that’s the “feel” I want in my home. -Karen

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Karen! It does take awhile to find your look and then sometimes you may completely change your mind and go off in another direction. It’s a fun trip though.;)

  4. Betty Manousos

    wow, i absolutely love this room and it has actually inspired my own room makeover. floral patterns are always a favourite of mine for a feminine look and the brighter the colours the better. thanks so much for sharing.

    and i love your blog!

  5. FABBY

    Gorgeous sofa and the chintz pillows are lovely with the floral print to them.
    Beautiful room for all seasons. I’m inspired to add floral new pillows as well to my couches. Thanks for sharing.



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