It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. theoldone300

    It was really windy here in SC on Sunday–we had all day storming with wind gusts at 40 miles an hour and heavy rain. I actually lOVED it because we got to view it from our comfy leather chairs near our electric fire place. The chairs sit right next to a big window and we looked out at the pines and pond and it was dynamic. Looks like you are ready for Valentines day for sure!! Where do you live? [if you can share ]

    • janetlea62

      That’s a great way to view it! The wind is making it feel very cold today here. I live in Mississippi, south of Jackson but north of the coast here. As a young girl, I lived in your state in the town of Orangeburg!

      • theoldone300

        OH, interesting! I have never been to Orangeburg—it is kindof off in no where 😉 . My hubby and I hope to do some day tripping now that our lives are slowing down. We hope to be able to visit some towns and cities, parks in our state that we have not been to before. Orangeburg will eventually have to go on the list!

      • janetlea62

        That sounds like lots of fun. I am sure you will enjoy yourselves. I like to take lots of photos when we go out of town, it seems like it just takes you right back to that minute when you took it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Stacey

    Jan, thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your beautiful home is a wonderful addition to our link party. I love all your red and those roses are amazing.

  3. lauraingallsgunn

    This room is the epitome of romance! I adore the roses.

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Laura

    Thank you for joining our first ever Thoughts of Home on Thursday!
    We are so glad you are here! I have that same fabric you have at your windows! The room is lovely!


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