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  1. bobbi duncan

    It always saddens me to see another piece of history lost. It was a beautiful home! I have never been to Mississippi, but there are places I’ve looked up that I would just love to visit.

    • janetlea62

      Yes, we are a national secret. Lots of bad PR on our state. There are so many treasures here and the topography varies so much from the delta to the coast. I live in the south central part which is just a little rolling hills. It can be beautiful. Thanks for commenting, Bobbi!

    • Kristina morse

      My family owned that house. I had lived in it since I was six months old. We were struck by surprise when our beloved house burned down. It was extremely sad and it changed me forever. But our family is rebuilding on the same lot. We aren’t rebuilding the same house but it’s great to be back.

      • janetlea62

        Ooooh, thank you so much for sharing that Kristina. Your former home is well known in the South. I am so sad for your family but so glad to hear you are rebuilding. If you ever desire to share any photos of your beloved home before it burned I would love to share on the blog. You can gmail me through the blog, justjanblog@gmail.com.

  2. Sheila Elliott

    I am a descendant of a Kentucky Ellis, who was a surveyor after the Rev war and was paid in land. The earliest Ellis family came to Virginia in 1620 with the London Compamy / Virginia Company. As the country expanded west…so did many Ellis folks. It is so sad to see a wonderful old house go up in flames. My hubby grew up in a late 1800s house and it eventually burned due to an electrical short. Everyone was ok. Sheila

  3. Jann Olson

    I love the outside of this home and it sounds like it was equally as beautiful inside. How sad that it burned down. A terrible loss! Thank goodness memories live on. Thanks for sharing with SyC.

  4. artandsand

    I was shocked when I saw the fire photos. I loved the house and gardens. What a tragedy to lose that beautiful house.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC

  5. Joyce Olson

    Such interesting History and being that my husband is from Mississippi I have an even bigger heart for the grand homes of that region.
    What a beautiful home and how very sad that it came to an end such as this one.
    Nevertheless it was a lovely tribute and thank you for sharing it with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.


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