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  1. bobbi duncan

    It always saddens me to see another piece of history lost. It was a beautiful home! I have never been to Mississippi, but there are places I’ve looked up that I would just love to visit.

    • janetlea62

      Yes, we are a national secret. Lots of bad PR on our state. There are so many treasures here and the topography varies so much from the delta to the coast. I live in the south central part which is just a little rolling hills. It can be beautiful. Thanks for commenting, Bobbi!

  2. Sheila Elliott

    I am a descendant of a Kentucky Ellis, who was a surveyor after the Rev war and was paid in land. The earliest Ellis family came to Virginia in 1620 with the London Compamy / Virginia Company. As the country expanded west…so did many Ellis folks. It is so sad to see a wonderful old house go up in flames. My hubby grew up in a late 1800s house and it eventually burned due to an electrical short. Everyone was ok. Sheila

  3. Jann Olson

    I love the outside of this home and it sounds like it was equally as beautiful inside. How sad that it burned down. A terrible loss! Thank goodness memories live on. Thanks for sharing with SyC.

  4. artandsand

    I was shocked when I saw the fire photos. I loved the house and gardens. What a tragedy to lose that beautiful house.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC

  5. Joyce Olson

    Such interesting History and being that my husband is from Mississippi I have an even bigger heart for the grand homes of that region.
    What a beautiful home and how very sad that it came to an end such as this one.
    Nevertheless it was a lovely tribute and thank you for sharing it with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.


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