It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Mary W Ferguson

    Great story and sounds so Southern, just like the ones my relatives always told. Brought back so many memories.

    Your dishes and flowers are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    • janetlea62

      Thanks Deb! Chicken livers are small so you eat quite a few of them. They are best fried but my husband grills them too. That’s my preference on how they are prepared. And always eat them hot!

  2. Botanic Bleu

    Visiting you is always such a treat. I love florals and had Waverly florals in my house for years. Seeing all of yours makes me want to add more floral again. Supper sounds good, except the chicken livers. I’ll pass on those, but would like a second slice of coconut cake in their place.


    • janetlea62

      That is so sweet of you to say, Judith! I know many have gone away from the florals but they really speak to my heart. I think I could change your mind on the chicken livers. If they are cooked correctly they are divine. No, I don’t cook them but my mister does and they are fabulous. They don’t have the strong flavor they are known for if cooked right. Also cooked on the grill they are very good. It’s all in the technique. The cake was so good and it was right from the freezer section at your local grocery store! Pepperidge Farm has the best one I think. It’s better than homemade.;)

    • janetlea62

      Yes, I think I will always pay attention if I think another good story is going to be shared! Thank you, I have vowed I won’t buy a lot of plates but use the ones I have and change it up with the flowers and hopefully more pretty tablecloths.

  3. Joyce Olson

    Your Southern tables always delight me and I look forward to each one! I want more and more:)
    Jan, thank you for sharing your time and talents with us at TOHOT.
    Your inspiration always bring joy to us all!

  4. Sandi

    Hi Jann,
    I often come by here to visit but seldom leave a comment. Today, I had to smile at your story and the Rose Chintz dishes. Rose Chintz is my signature pattern and most of my decorating is inspired by this scrumptious pattern. I love florals and girly everything which is why I love your blog. There is always something pretty to see here. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us and enjoy your day.


    • janetlea62

      I am so glad, Sandi! Rose Chintz dishes are beautiful indeed. I think we are drawn to the same colors in our dishes that we choose for fabric and colors in our homes or most of the time. Thank you for your sweet words, Sandi!


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