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  1. an inspired photojournal

    Oh my goodness!!! These are gorgeous! The second by Dixon is my favorite by far. Oh my!!! I’m considering wallpaper in our guest bath after we move. We’re in a temporary house right now while searching for our dream house. Yes, green is the color of 2017.
    As for which color I’d pull out from your last image, I think plum (on the blossoms) or background neutral.

    • janetlea62

      Oh yes, Barry Dixon’s dining room is so pretty. That sounds so exciting to look for your dream home. I know you must be enjoying the hunt. Yes, Pantone’s 2017 green is a yellowy green,”Fresh and zesty yellow green shade that invokes the first days of spring.” 🙂 Interesting choice with the plum and I like the neutral as well. Thanks for playing!

  2. janehorn

    What about a check like Charles Faudree’s Biron in linen? Or ivory to match the ground of your paper with a wide tape of the green?

  3. sandi magle

    Knowing your wonderful choice of accessories and colors, how about the soft teal green of the leaves—the lightest one, or the palest of the gray/lavender from the wisteria. This would allow the paper to take center stage and allow your florals and accessories to shine. Either of those should look smashing with your dining room set. Can’t wait to see what you decide to pick. Sandi

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Sandi! Both are certainly great contenders to be sure! Bringing out the green was my first thought but it has proved to be too difficult. I haven’t found a green that will work with it. The green fabrics I see now have too much blue in them or they are as green as that artificial turf. Thank you for your visit and comment!

    • janetlea62

      Oh, thank you Sandra! I do love the color of lavender! I love florals and always will. I think it is in my DNA! It’s so nice to hear from another floral lover!

  4. meg hosler

    Hi Jan, First, I am very honored that you included my dining room in this beautiful post, thank you. Second, suggestions for paint to go with your paper, although I may be too late. It depends on when you use the space . Is it primarily only in the evening for dinner, or do you entertain in your dining room during daylight as well? If only in the evening, then I would say go full on dramatic and paint the woodwork a super glossy aubergine/ eggplant which I see in the tips of the hanging flowers in the print. If you use the space for daytime entertaining, then I would use a green paint matched with the medium green in the leaves, except go two up on the color strip so it will blend rather than be too matchy, also to match the exact green would end up being too dark and perhaps too cold. Please post a picture of your dining room once your project is completed!!! xo- Meggie

    • meg hosler

      Oops, just realized you asked for fabric recommendations. I would have to know what color your woodwork is to help. However, you cannot go wrong with Vickie’s suggestion of matching the background of the wallpaper and adding a braid featuring some of the other colors in the paper. This should work with just about any paint color you have on your woodwork.

      • janetlea62

        Meg, you are a sweetheart to reach out to help me! That certainly is a great idea! My dining room is open to the kitchen which has not been updated. I hope to do that this year. There is an abundance of indecision on my part with the kitchen update. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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