It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Belle Bleu Interiors

    Jan, those plates are beautiful! What a find! I can’t believe you already have azaleas. It has been unseasonably warm here in Oklahoma this Winter. We have had some 70 and 80 degree days. I was checking on my azaleas, and I don’t think they are going to make it. I think with the warm temps and then we would drop to near zero on a few occasions hurt them. We will just have to wait and see. Your vignette is gorgeous on the mantel! I hope you have a beautiful day!!!

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Shannon! I kept running past them and told myself no no, be a smart lady and just say no to the plates. I waited long enough and said yes even if it means no more goodies for a while. The buffet is probably my favorite place to do a vignette with the light fixture illuminating it so well at night. It’s funny but everything looks prettier on it at night. It’s the only place like that in our house. I know what you mean we had a couple of really cold days and that has been it. Of course we will have at least one freeze before Easter. The hydrangeas are starting to bud out so I will have to cover them if we have a freeze or we won’t have pretty flowers this summer. Thank you for your kind visit and I hope your day is going great!

  2. lulu

    Azaleas are bursting out in Houston as well thanks to lots of rain and warm temps except for the 2 nights of very cold that damaged much of my yard. Your plates are beauties.

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Lulu! Ya’ll don’t get much winter do you? I have a dear friend that lives near you. You Houstonians always are so far ahead of us in Spring and Summer flowers. Thank you for coming by!


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