It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Stacey

    These photos are gorgeous, Jan! You know I love color in decor. We are building a new house right now and I’m so torn about some decisions concerning color!!

    • janetlea62

      Thanks Stacey! Yes, Meggie does have a beautiful home full of color. That’s wonderful, I know you are excited about your new home! And oh I know you must feel overwhelmed. We built so many years ago but I remember how many things you have to think about that you never knew you had to think about. And colors?? Oh that was something else. I knew I wanted paper in the kitchen/dining room and basically the whole downstairs is open to one another so I focused on the paper first. It has a lot of colors I can pull from which is great. I know I can really be torn with indecision now that the trends have changed. I liked the 90s color so it has been a major thing for me. But if you stick with what you know you love deep in your gut I think it will all work out. Like Meggie said, “Don’t settle.”

  2. marcia

    So much personality. LOVE the entry (I believe it’s the entry due to the hinges), with the large topiaries and the gorgeous wallpaper. So many details to pick up. Touring again. Thank you for sharing.

  3. thededicatedhouse

    Sweet glorious color! I love this so much! Thank you for sharing! You will be one of the features tonight at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House! The party will give live at 8:00pm CDT. Hope to see you again at the bash! Happy week to you. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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