It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


    • janetlea62

      Thank you so much Sandra! I had put the whole table together inside and thought dummy the flowers are on the porch!! I had the tablecloth for a good while and when I ran across the dishes I kept my fingers crossed they would work together. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  1. Bonnie Morgan

    Beautiful table. Love love the gorgeous tablecloth and flower arrangement. Your dishes are lovely also.Your garden in the background frames the picture beautifully.

    • janetlea62

      Thank you so much Bonnie! Fortunately everything went together even though they were bought several months apart and online. I hope you are enjoying this Memorial weekend!

  2. Joy

    Oh, those plates are gorgeous and the tablecloth looks like it was made for them! A gorgeous table, for sure.

    • janetlea62

      Thank you so much Joy! I kept my fingers crossed that the colors were going to go well. All from different places online so I wasn’t quite sure if they would. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Darlene Gardner

    Love your tablescape! Everything goes together perfectly, especially with that beautiful tablecloth.

  4. lizabeth57

    I love this Jan! This brings on such a great feeling for summer. Your flowers are so beatiful and with the tablecloth it’s like they were made for each other. The pretty plate goes with everything so well too! We’re enjoying warmer weather finally- seems to take forever to get here!

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Liz! I went cuckoo over the plates and decided to go with the salad size over the dinner plates. The dinner plates have the white center and I just felt the salad plates were prettier since they didn’t ‘lose’ the design with the white center. The tablecloth was just sheer luck!


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