It's All About Rich Moments, Enjoying Prettiness Indoors or Outdoors


  1. Joyce Olson

    This is a big decision for certain! I love a kitchen with a soul too and I am an avid cook with a white kitchen! But I also have a beautiful stained island and stained built in Hutch. I see the photos that you have selected have a combination of stain and white. It is a wonderful way to incorporate the best of both worlds! Good Luck!

  2. Sandi Magle

    Dear Jann, I have been thinking of doing a follow-up post on my new kitchen”s first anniversary. Like you—we really USE our kitchen. Multi -people cooking, making pies, cookies, baking, fish fry, homemade pizzas, and all the canning I do. I can honestly say—my creamy white IKEA cabinets absorb no stains, everything has wiped off even when I don’t see it right away. Our butcher block counters (all 27 feet +the island), are no longer perfect—but rich and well…kinda with soul. I have hand issues, so I drop everything and so many things have been saved and not broken because of the the wood. We oil them about four times this first year, and around the sink, hasn’t been a problem. We went with textured vinyl planking on the floor, which isn’t slippery and has held up perfectly. I think you have to choose your kitchen so you aren”t driving yourself crazy maintaining it,

    • janetlea62

      You are so right, Sandi. I am so glad you are loving your new kitchen. It’s important to be honest with yourself and family as to your needs. The butcher block is a perfect counter for you it sounds like. By the way, can I come stay with you when you are making homemade pizzas?! Thank you so much for sharing your experience Sandi!

  3. Liz-Home and Gardening With Liz

    When we remodeled in 1996 I put in stained hickory cabinets and still love them. Immediately after I chose that the popularity of all white kitchens kicked in. My kitchen is small so there aren’t great expanses of space like these beautiful kitchens you’ve shown. I have dreamed of painting my kitchen white too (creamy white not bright white) but have concerns as to how well the paint will hold up- will it scratch and show marks, will it show stains, etc. It would be a lot less costly to paint than to completely replace my cabinets that’s for sure! Lots to contemplate! Your kitchen sounds like it has lots of soul!

    • janetlea62

      Thank you for commenting Liz! I would love to see your hickory cabinets, I know they are beauties. I too am concerned of wear showing through down the road. But I know many touch up their cabinets as needed. Oh yes, replacing cabinets is out of the question! It has soul but needs a facelift!

  4. Iris McCloud

    I recently saw a picture on a real estate listing of my own kitchen that I redid about 18 years ago. The counters are now granite and the room has been repainted and has new appliances but my much loved natural cherry cabinets, hand laid floor tiles, and sink that I adored are still giving that kitchen “soul”. Made me so happy.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Relax and enjoy whatever color you choose to go with – white or otherwise! It’s the indecision that’s taking so long and you’ll be much happier just forging ahead. You’ve got good taste, so no matter what you pick, it will be great.

    We have a white/back kitchen for 17+ years and cook a ton. It does get as dirty as one would think. About 3 years ago, we put in black granite counter tops and that was great. I don’t think it was just because they were black, but because the granite’s just plain easier to keep clean as opposed to tile. So, don’t be afraid, just pick a color and go for it! Good luck.

    • janetlea62

      Thank you Margaret! You are right, it’s the indecision that’s taking so long. I can’t imagine the difference between tile and granite cleaning. That must save you a lot of time.


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